Deep tissue massage basically focuses for re-alignment of inner layers of muscles and connective tissues. Deep tissue massage mostly used to relieve chronic pain such as stiff necks and shoulder, upper and lower back tightness. The pressure of the massage is deeper and concentrated on the affected area of tension and pain.

Deep tissue massage works on chronic muscle (painful and rigid tissue), ligaments and tendons that causes limited movements, inflammation which can block circulation and cause pain to body for pain relieve masseur apply direct hard and deep pressure across the grain of the muscles.

Deep tissue massage if different from other massages used for relaxation, deep tissue massage focuses on specific location of pain and recovers from chronic pain and injuries. Basically it cures muscle tension and strain injury.

According to survey deep tissue massage are more effective of osteoarthritis pain. Therapy is more effective than other exercises, physio therapy and other medications. Deep tissue massage gives effective result immediately after therapy.

Deep tissue massage is not suggested to people who have skin problems like rashes and open wounds and also should be taken after surgery as it’s done with more pressure. It’s also not suggested to people having heart related problems.

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