Massage is a popular procedure aimed at healing and complete relaxation of the body. However, there are some nuances- there are several types of Thai massage, and all of them are used to improve the functioning of certain organs or the general condition of the body. We always advise tourists to arrange a relaxing evening after a long trip on buses and planes in order to quickly gain strength for travel. And a massage trip is a great activity for those who do not know what to do in Pattaya in the rain.

To get out after a session well-rested and full of energy, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the options, and then choose the appropriate one.

Types of Outcall Massage in Pattaya

Traditional massage or Thai massage

It is in the traditional version that fragile women step on the client! However, masters also use hands: fingers, wrists, elbows. In addition, knees and feet are used. The procedure takes place on a rigid mat, the master works on joints and muscles by pressing, twisting and stretching. Clips will go away, discomfort will disappear, and sleep will also improve. At first you will feel "ground", but as you get up from the couch, you will understand how this buzz.

Oil massage

The session takes place on a special table and is aimed at complete relaxation. There is no force, pressure or twisting in the movements. Aromatic oil is applied to the skin, which is rubbed with gentle massaging movements. After the procedure, anxiety and irritation disappear, the person becomes less nervous, and thanks to the oil, the skin becomes softer.

Foot massage

Ohhhh! This is our favourite type of massage, which helps to recover after a long sightseeing or housing search. It is no secret that there are points in the legs that are connected with all the internal systems of a person. Gently treating the areas, you can achieve a feeling of complete relaxation, which improves mood and removes pain. Masseurs use bamboo sticks, oil and fragrant herbal balm.

Hot Stone Massage

The procedure is aimed at improving the general condition of a person, skin, and raising mood. The procedure is divided into two parts: traditional massage at the beginning and bags- at the end. Herbs in special containers are heated in a steam bath, spreading a wonderful aroma. In the case of stone massage, the warming effect is even stronger.

Cervical collar massage or Back massage

The master works on the back area from the back of the head to the coccyx. It starts with light movements that turn into sensitive pressure. Thus, the consequences of poor sleep are eliminated, pain is eliminated for various diseases of the back, and headaches disappear.

Head massage

The master uses rubbing and pressing techniques, as well as kneading and stroking some areas. It removes the tension of the muscles of the head, which lead to the narrowing of blood vessels. Clips that interfere with the mobility of the joints of the neck and shoulders are gone.

Choose your desired outcall massage in Pattaya to enjoy body benefits.